In my opinion, I feel that this is absolutely ridiculous, how can you blame this on Hip-hop in its entirety? What about Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Common, Lupe Fiasco… all of those people who talk about empowerment and the beautiful struggle? I completely agree with what Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (founder of had to say on this debate. I also feel John Gibson, opposing reporter, felt compelled to say what he said because of what is apparent to him, yes I do agree that most artists are looked up to by younger people, and they are unfortunately “role models” to them; these rappers don’t even let their own kids listen to their music so that’s evident but the childern are going to do what they want anyway ’cause the parents aren’t always going to be there all the time so it’s pretty much the childs own responsibility; IN THIS CASE I will blame the parents because No. 1 it’s bad parenting all together, why would you teach your child that? Have some common sense. But anywho this is my whole thing on this… I like what some people wrote:

“its my opinion that whites who hold the purse strings of America and the rap industry could wipe out hip hop tomorrow if they wanted but they make more money than the artists they promote. it funny when white people criticize black people for the problems they helped create in this society that they’re unwilling to take part in repairing.its funny in a way white record executives are mostly to blame for makeing Rap music promonnent”

“I can give you the names of hundreds of white television shows that include or glamorize drug use (almost everything on Comedy Central to Fox to a teen using marijuana on Desperate Housewives). Why would anyone assume hip hop culture is to blame? IT IS AMERICAN CULTURE. Blacks do not need to take the blame, Americans & all media need to take the blame.”

“Also, how come when black kids smoke blunts, hip hop is brought to the forefront, but when white kids do ecstasy and crystal meth, rock and trance and rave music aren’t discussed AT ALL? This is why stories like this are contested: because it’s a double standard. If drugs are bad for Blacks, then they’re also bad for Whites, and if hip hop is gonna be screened, then other genres that promote other drug usage must be screened. You can’t be choosy in doing what’s right. Period.”

Enough said.

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