» Beyonce Enjoyed Singing Duet with Shakera
Beyoncé Knowles has lavished praise on Colombian pop sensation Shakira, insisting she is the perfect singer to join her on female empowerment duet “Beautiful Liar.” Knowles was thrilled to record the song with pop peer Shakira – which features on the reissue of the singer’s solo album B’Day – and is immensely proud of the song’s lyrics, which tell the story of two women who pull together to reject the advances of a dishonest lover. She tells MTV, “I’ve always loved her and I’ve always wanted to work with her, and the song fits perfectly. It basically talks about two women – the same guy is trying to get at both of them but instead of them fighting, they’re saying, ‘He’s a beautiful liar, let’s not fight, let’s stick together. Forget him!’ I think it’s a great concept.”

» Serena Williams Doesn’t Want to be Cocky
Tennis star Serena Williams is shunning the media’s match reports over fears positive press will turn her into an egomaniac. The sports ace avoids reading any stories praising her ability in case she becomes to cocky on the court. However, she does admit the raving write-ups have all been saved up to amuse her in retirement. Williams says, “I don’t read anything. One time, I think it was ’99, I read this article. It was really good and I was like, ‘Oh yeah! I’m the bomb.’ I just got too headstrong. I don’t want to be like some of those celebrities walking around, just so full of themselves. I always want to be down to earth, want to be a person like when you meet them, they’re the same person that you think of them in the article or something. “When my career is over, I’ve been saving a lot of articles, I’ll go back and read them. I don’t want to be big headed (so) I can barely get through the door.”

» Robert DeNiro Accused of Underpaying Restaurant Associates
Robert De Niro has come under fire from the U.S. Department Of Labor for having allegedly cheated his restaurant workers out of $328,000 in pay. Employment officials claim more than 100 staff at exclusive Japanese eatery Nobu, in New York City, have seen their overtime pay wrongly slashed and the restaurant has been ordered to make up the huge shortfall. De Niro, who is thought to earn around $20 million a movie, co-owns the restaurant with Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa.

» Naomi Campbell Denies Witchcraft Rumors
Naomi Campbell has quashed reports she has signed up to a witchcraft-like religion, insisting she was only linked to the faith by association. Last weekend news reports claimed the supermodel was joining Brazil’s African-based Candomble faith, but Campbell is adamant she has no interest in switching her religious allegiances. She tells the New York Daily News, “I’m Church Of England. Protestant. I was christened that. I went to a party for a guy whose birthday it was (Candomble priest Tuca Franchini). I don’t discriminate against what religion people have. That’s what he (Franchini) does, but it doesn’t mean I have to be involved in it.”

» Nelly Furtado Wants More Kids
Canadian singer Nelly Furtado is desperate for another child after successfully balancing motherhood with her chart-topping pop career. The star’s three-year-old daughter Nevis is looked after by her extended family when Furtado is busy promoting her records. And the arrangement works so well, Furtado is keen to add to her brood right away. She says, “I’m a very family-oriented person and I want to have another child, even more if possible. And I don’t want to wait too long until I have the second baby because the age gap to Nevis shouldn’t be too big. Mum during the day, rock star at night – that can be pretty stressful. But I take my family with me wherever I go. So if I have a gig or an interview, someone will take care of her. Most of the time, it works out pretty well.”

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