Okay, you know those “gyroscope” things … those series of cirlces that rotate around each other, and the center spins around, and around, and around, and around, and around? David Blaine – a professional magician and stuntman, has been doing crazy things since 1999, like, burying himself alive, being frozen, and drowning himself alive! This latest stunt involves the gyroscope mechanism mentioned above. Yesterday, Mr. Blaine strapped himself inside of this thing, and he has 2 days to free himself … while it spins the ENTIRE TIME at about 8 revolutions per minute! If he’s successful, he will lead 500 children from the Salvation Army on a $500 shopping spree sponsored by Target. Blaine said the stunt was particularly important since The Salvation Army had provided him with clothing while he was growing up. “This challenge is close to my heart,” Blaine said. For more information on this challenge, and all of his past challenges, check out his Wikipedia entry Here.

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