Yvette Vickers — Former Playboy Pinup and Movie Actress — Found Mummified...

Yvette Vickers — Former Playboy Pinup and Movie Actress — Found Mummified in House 1 Year After Death!

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Former Playboy playmate and pin-up model Yvette Vickers was found mummified in her home almost a year after her death. The B-movie actress, who appeared in films like “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” and “Attack of the Giant Leeches,” was found dead last Wednesday (April 27), but police claimed that she had been dead for quite some time. She was 82.

A neighbor discovered her body in an upstairs room of her Benedict Canyon home last week.

Police told the Los Angeles Times that the body’s mummified state suggests that she was dead for close to a year.

Her neighbor, Susan Savage, noticed that Vickers’ home had started to become dilapidated. She noticed old letters and cobwebs in the former actress’ mailbox so she decided to investigate for herself.

Savage told the paper that the inside of the house was in utter disrepair. And although it was hard to move through the rooms because boxes that contained clothes and mail formed barriers, she was able to make her way upstairs and found a room with a small space heater still on.

That’s when she discovered Vickers’ decomposed and unrecognizable body on the floor.

There was no sign of foul play. The coroner’s office has yet to determine the official cause of death.

Talk about creepy!


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