Ewww of the Week: Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman Kiss at Lakers-Celtics Playoff Game!

What is really going on with all these married men out there???

At the Lakers-Celtics playoff game Thursday night (Jun 3), 72 year-old actor Dustin Hoffman was caught on camera planting a big wet one on his much younger comrade, actor Jason Bateman. The kiss came to a surprise for everyone in the stands since both men were sitting right beside their wives when it happened. The two actors were playing it up for the popular Staples Center “Kiss Cam.”

Where they do that at?!?

Guess with all the cheating going on these days, it’s not as bad if you’re wife is sitting right beside you watching. (LMAO!!)

  • Stampp Corbin

    EWWW of the Week/ How homophobic and inappropriate. You have offended many of your readers. I may not return.

  • Adam

    I personally find this very funny. I’m sure both Bateman and Hoffman were hamming it up for the camera. Their wives were right there when it happened and it really wasn’t a big deal.

    Just two straight guys playing it off for the camera. I applaud their security in their sexuality and their willingness to do such a (funny) thing in public.

    U GO GUYS!!!!!

  • jess

    NOTHING in this article is inappropriate you moron! It’s the eww moment because it’s two straight men with a huge age gap sharing a kiss. It would be inappropriate and homophobic if named ewww moment of the week and the site pictured a same sex couple kissing. It’s Bozos like you that cause unwarranted controversies, cause you make something out of nothing. This was clearly for laughs and entertainment. I hope you don’t come back!

  • Daniel

    I agree with Stampp. Calling this the Ewww Moment makes this appear to be somewhat homophobic. If Bateman had kissed Hoffman’s wife, I seriously and highly doubt it would be labeled an “ewww” moment. It just goes to show how far the gay rights movement still has to go, even in the media.

  • Stewart Little

    I’m with Stampp and Daniel. The “Eww” in this context is pretty offensive and intrinsically homophobic

  • Magel

    Careful, your homophobia is hanging out all over the place. You just might want to put that back…I don’t like looking at it. It isn’t ewwww, it’s funny and almost cute. I applaud them for doing it. WTG guys… :D

  • Angelo

    All yal defending this fuckery are some freakin fags man! I bet yal suck dick for a living or something. Two grown men kissing is disgusting and distasteful. I mean it’s not like this Broke Back Mountain or something. Grow the hell up! Everyone entitled to their own opinion so stop getting mad ova petty shit. I bet all yal some fags anyway the way yal gettin all defensive. I have nothing against gay people but this wasn’t appropriate for a basketball game and is definitely nasty.

  • mark

    Dear Angelo, please educate yourself on the english language. Thanks.

  • Jay0

    i’m just gonna throw this out there. Anyone who says “yal” no matter what the context is most likely a cock smoker. That is all.

  • VinDC

    Whoever called this EWWWW on your staff is a wank! THAT was hilarious!!! It’s RARE when the Kiss Cam catches something funny or crazy. The only time I’ve seen something EWWWW on a Kiss Cam was when the camera was on a couple that became all animated when they saw themselves on the jumbotron. The guy made the gag gesture of sticking his finger in his mouth, and the girl mouthed “my brother” to the camera and scrunched her face. THAT was EWWWW, but funny.

  • Tspoon

    It is EEWWW. Everyone does not share this open gay is okay with me.e That’s your business Do whatever you like It’s your thing. No. In this day that is not enough. I have to like it, as a straight see nothing odd about two same sex people sticking their tongues slobbing on each other. For me it is repulsive, that is my right. Get married love each other I don’t hate you for that. That is your human right. But we are gender separated. What you do is not normal…to me. And to see two high profile men going at it to me is odd and by my nature appaulling ..to me. and isn’t Dustin married? What about his wife? That’s what I mean. This in you face arrogance that some gays have about their life choices and mine …..and what makes them different. I don’t have to march in a parade with you. I am not looking for your vote. Your cause is fine for you. But you are different. Men and women are different and those differences are respected by society. Just as same sex men and women are different from straight men and women and I think that should be respected also. When you want to call someone homophobic because they are not into what you do that is wrong. I have to like the sight, not just respectfully accept it

  • Robespierre

    Thanks for your comment.

    Gays and lesbians have my support in their fight for their rights. However, I will feel kinda grossed out when I see two guys kiss…I’m not a homophobe, I’m just a straight male.

  • OrchidIslander

    Really stupid and vapidly inappropriate to consider this lighthearted moment as Ewwwww…….

    Where have you been for the last few years? Progressive strides have occurred in which something this funny – is just that – funny.

    Pull your head out of your you-know-what and lighten up. The only Ewwww moment was when you decided to use that term in your headline.

  • OrchidIslander

    @Robespierre: You being grossed out has nothing to do with you being a straight male. Plenty of straight males saw the kiss and thought it was hilarious. It probably has more to do with what you’ve learned and the way you think. That is your right and I’ll not knock it, but don’t blame your outlook on being a straight male. There’s obviously more to it than that.

  • magiCKiD

    This was not funny at all! It is sad and disgusting! Basketball games are family events, they were on the camera! I’m sure many parents were not happy about explaining this nasty behavior to their children…………..ugh! Ewwwwwww is EXACTLY right!

  • Jim

    The only reason half the people on here are defending this is because their WHITE! If two black celebrities had of done that it would have been the grossest thing in the world! What if Denzel and Will Smith did this??? Would it be cool?? HELL NAH BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • magiCKiD

    Good point Jim…………..

  • David

    how cool!! what happened next?? did they divorce from their wives??

  • marc

    eww of the week. yes very homophobic and I wont return either. I guess some websites are sill in the dark ages. And how bet them black folk! They want to ride the same bus!

  • Great! Thanks for post