Hello hello hello!

Wud it do everybody? wud – it – do? ha
I thought it was about time to write a new blog , tell ya’ll whats up!
I am excited about the holidays but im mostly stoked about jan since im relocating to Los A for a bit to completely finish my album! I think ill be living there for a bit so im going to try and spend my weekends on venice beach. I just adore the venice vibe. 🙂
Oh and if any of you go there, check out the drum circles! very cool.

Anyways Dave lichens and i will be rockin out in Hollywood, slavin away to get this record into your hands!
I will keep you posted on the recording process, and whatever else tickles my fancy!


fefe dz.

– Fefe Dobson’s Blog via ONTD!

Cool. cool. cool. Sweetness, can’t wait! I loved Sunday Love but hated the previous LP, idk, it was … Idk the word – it didn’t debut her properly to say the least but of course there was room to grow. Anyway, couple more…