50 Cent: “If Kanye Sells More Records … I Won’t Put Out Any More Solo CDs”

50 Cent tells SOHH.com, the internet’s longest running and leading hip-hop website with over 4.5 million visitors a month, exclusively: “Let’s raise the stakes. If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I’ll no longer write music. I’ll write music and work with my other artists, but I won’t put out any more solo albums.” That sounds like a challenge to me! Now, think about it … imagine a world without 50 Cent. Wouldn’t that be nice?? Hell, instead of buying 2, I think I might end up buying 5 at the store, and 5 from iTunes. Sounds like a plan to me! Do your part too. You don’t have to buy 10 Kanye albums like me (lol), but at least buy ONE! YOU CAN END 50 CENT’S SOLO CAREER!!!