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Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 8

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 8 (the Season Finale), long running tensions come to a head, as Ms. Drama and Sharon blast each other's character. K.Foxx causes a stir when she publicly criticizes her rivals, including Angela, Viv, and Sharon, who take their revenge at a blogger event. The fallout from that party causes a head to head blowup between radio rivals K.Foxx and Angela.

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 7

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 7, Viv takes advice from Kim and tries to resolve her issues with Steph Lova and Star, while K. Foxx forms new alliances with both Jas Fly and Ms Drama, but soon realizes the hostilities between them run deep.

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 6

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 6, Kim deals with the Viv and Steph Lova aftermath and becomes the subject of some ratchet gossip herself. Meanwhile, Drama chases an exclusive interview with Star, but will he give her the scoop she needs without an ulterior motive?

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 5

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 5, JasFly pitches Kim and The Source an exclusive about singer Kia Jeffries who killed her ex-husband, but she finds that print doesn't always pay...

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 4

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 4, Viv gets a tip on a juicy rumor about K.Foxx's sex life, but the Hot 97 gossip girl doesn't appreciate becoming the subject of gossip herself. Sharon considers working for a blog, but thinks twice when she finds out Ms Drama's been working there, and offends Jas in the process. Meanwhile, Drama confronts Sharon and Ang about their "mean girl" party comments.

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 3

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 3, Kim's husband, Kino, holds Kim to a promise she made ten years ago -- a threesome. Can Kim put aside her motherly duties and get her freak on? Viv and her husband "Dr. Kraze" help consult them about the decision.

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 2

In "The Gossip Game" Episode 2, Angela Yee's Blogger Appreciation event ends with a bang, as Ms. Drama lives up to her name and leaves Vivian fuming.

Watch “The Gossip Game” Episode 1

Welcome to the world of hip-hop gossip and the lives of seven women at the top of their game: Kim Osorio, editor in chief...

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