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Mugshot Madness: Adrien Broner Arrested for DUI in Miami

Professional boxer Adrien Broner added a brand new mugshot to his growing collection after he was arrested for DUI Friday night (Mar. 13) in Miami Beach, Florida.

Tee Grizzley Says He Lost $20,000 Betting on Adrien Broner to Win Pacquaio Fight

Following Adrien Broner's devastating loss to Manny Pacquiao over the weekend—in which he only landed 50 of 295 punches compared to Pacquiao's 112 of 568—Tee Grizzley took to social media to call Broner out.

Mugshot Madness: Adrien Broner Arrested 2 Days Before Christmas

Adrien Broner added a new mugshot to his collection earlier this week after he was arrested just two days before Christmas.

Adrien Broner Threatens Suicide on Instagram, Friends Worried He May Really Kill Himself

Adrien's suicide threats on social media have his friends so worried that he may actually kill himself that they have contacted police to check in on him.

Adrien Broner Apologizes for Dissing Jay Z & Rihanna: “I Can Admit When I’m Wrong”

Adrien Broner may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least he knows when he's done (and/or said) something stupid. The controversial...

Adrien Broner Wants to Smack Tupac and Michael Jackson in Heaven

Adrien Broner is the most ignorant person to ever live, but we figured you already knew that. In a bizarre video that he posted to...

Rich Homie Quan Fought a Man for Trying to Steal His Chain at Adrien Broner Fight

Just days after the Migos got into an-all out brawl during a show in Nashville over a fan snatching one of their chains, their...

Adrien Broner Walks to the Ring with Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan Rapping “Lifestyle”

Adrien Broner did a lot of sh*t just to live this here lifestyle ... or at least that's how he feels about himself. The pro...

Adrien Broner Is Pretty Terrible At Driving Motorized Scooters

Adrien Broner needs to stick with boxing and give up riding motorized scooters. The three-time world champion boxer was in Miami recently when TMZ Sports...

“I Just Beat the F**k Out of a Mexican”: Adrien Broner Apologizes for Dimwitted Remark

Adrien Broner is a f**king idiot! It's bad enough that he has unprotected sex with strippers and an ego way too big for someone who...

Adrien Broner No Longer Undefeated After Embarrassing Loss to Marcos Maidana

Adrien Broner can no longer claim the title "undefeated boxer." Why? Because he got defeated, of course, silly. The 24-year-old welterweight suffered his first professional...

Adrien Broner Sex Tape: Leaked Video Shows Pro Boxer in Threesome with Strippers

Professional boxer and part-time rapper Adrien Broner is the latest celebrity to star in a homemade sextape. Video footage showing the three-time world champion engaging...

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