The fiancée of the man who was arrested after being seen in a viral video kicking and punching a 78-year-old woman on a Bronx subway train says he was just defending himself and his family when he attacked the elderly woman.

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Marc Gomez’s fiancée, Alicia Cox, told the New York Post that the lady threatened her and her daughter Kotoune on the northbound 2 train while they were on their way home from a birthday party.

“I’ll stab you. You and your wife and your child!” Cox said the woman told her. “She kept going off about stabbing and killing people,” the 41-year-old woman added.

Cox said when she, her daughter and Gomez got up to get off the train, the woman allegedly shouted: “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill your wife, I’ll kill your daughter!”

“Again, she yelled, ‘I kill your daughter,'” Cox said. “And she had something in her hand. She shifted towards us and the door and [Gomez] lost it. He just started kicking her.”

Cox said the viral video only shows the end of the confrontation. “Nobody recorded from the beginning!” she told the Post, adding that Gomez, 36, was mad at himself for losing it like that.

“I could see it in his face after it, he was upset. He felt really bad. It wasn’t like he intentionally went after her,” Cox said. “We both hope she gets all the mental health she needs,” she added about the woman.

The incident took place on Sunday, March 10th around 3:10 a.m. and it was all caught on video that surfaced on social media, where it quickly went viral.

The shocking video shows Gomez hitting and kicking the woman multiple times as she tries to protect her face. Gomez can be heard shouting “Who the f**k was you talking to?!” as he finishes his brutal assault.

As he left the train, he let everyone know he was fully aware that he was being recorded by saying “Worldstar that my ni**a,” referring to the popular website known for its shock content and fight videos.

Gomez was arrested Saturday and charged with felony assault and a judge set his bail at $30,000. He insists he attacked the woman because she threatened his family and came at him with a knife.

Cox is ready for Gomez to come home, but she can’t afford his bail. “Just thinking about it makes me want to cry,” she told the Post.

“I hope he gets a low sentence because he’s not the monster they say he is, he’s a good father,” Cox said. “He was defending my daughter. He calls her ‘my daughter’ or ‘my stepdaughter.’ He calls her princess.”

The 78-year-old woman, whose identity hasn’t been released, was taken to the hospital the night of the incident and treated for her injuries. She reportedly suffered bleeding and swelling with cuts to the face.

When NYPD Chief Dermot F. Shea announced Gomez’ arrest, he said the victim was “getting the care, advocacy and support needed.”

The victim’s former neighbors in the Bronx told reporters that she’s a childless, retired kindergarten teacher who moved out three or four years ago. They said she suffered from a mental illness and had threatened residents with knives in the past.

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