Being a social media manager or customer relations specialist can be tough, especially if you’re managing a company as high profile as Jimmy John’s.

Getting bombarded with Tweets from angry customers all day has to take its toll, and it looks like the barrage of online activity finally caught up to one Jimmy John’s employee.

Twitter user @WeNotSocks apparently isn’t too impressed with the sub chain’s food, and he wanted to let them know.

Now, normally that would be that, or maybe someone would reply with an apologetic corporate response asking why. But not this time. No, whoever was running Jimmy John’s account the moment that tweet went live wasn’t putting up with no more sh*t.

Of course, people took notice of the unusual response from the popular sandwich shop, but they didn’t back down.

This just drew more attention, and soon Twitter was all over the epic @WeNotSocks and Jimmy John’s feud for the ages.

Eventually, the two reached a parley and agreed to retreat into their respective corners.

I wish more companies treated their social media like this.