White Lives Matter!

Now hear me out first, because it’s not what you think. As we mourn, feel outrage, and protest over the killing of black people by police officers, one black woman has a comedic approach to the situation we’re sick and tired of dealing with.

Tashala Dangel Geyer refuses to be the next victim of police brutality. So, the Daytona, Florida native took herself down to Home Depot and bought some white paint. In a 43-minute Facebook Live session, Geyer painted herself white while wearing a blonde wig.

“This is saving my life! Yes, God, it is honey! The Lord woke me up and sent me this sign, so I went on ‘head to Home Depot and got this paint, because White Lives Matter… You better tell your Aunts, your sisters, your itchy itchy grandmammy. You better tell them to go white and they will survive.”

“If you go Caucasian, b**tch you will live a long muthaf**cking time. Everybody in my house is getting painted white…Baby, I don’t want nothing brown on me. Nothing muth**fu**in’ brown on me, ’cause police ain’t gonna kill me, gaddamnit. Ugh, ugh.”

Though it’s hilarious to watch and listen to, Geyer makes valid points by highlighting the differences in how officers handle people of color versus white people. Recalling an encounter where officers shot a white man with a beanbag, Geyer says, “They not gonna shoot me ‘cause I’m white… I’d rather be shot with a beanbag than an AK47.”

“I ain’t trying to be funny. I’m not racist. I’m not racist at all, but in order to survive in the world, it seems to me like you’ve got to be white. Ya ain’t gotta muthafu**ing say, ‘Hands up don’t shoot,’ if you look like this. But if you don’t look like this, bi**h then ‘pow’ you’re dead. They’re gonna kill your ass, so you better go on ‘head and go white, and you’ll be alright.”

Geyer seems to be a viral entertainer that posts comedic videos. Due to the nudity, YouTube and Facebook have taken Geyer’s “White Paint” video down. However, snippets can still be found online. She has also painted herself with black paint.