Richard Simmons apparently guest starred on the soap opera “General Hospital” on Friday and this is surprising, mostly because I didn’t think soap operas existed anymore. Evidently they do and they also have eccentric weight loss coaches on them.

In this particular episode of GH, Simmons plays an eccentric wedding crasher (named Richard) with overblown self-esteem and a suit that’s fabulously adorned with cheap looking rhinestones. But there’s more to him that means the eye. Richard hasn’t come to ruin the wedding at all. He’s actually come to the ceremony to make amends with the attendees.

For the rest of his guest stint, Simmons rambles about juice fasts, sobs and professes his love for a much taller woman. Good stuff all around.


The tragic part of all of this is the fact that people actually watch these things religiously. SMH…

[HT: Jezebel]

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