Earlier this morning, while en route to Starbucks I came across a crack head who remembered my generosity from a few weeks ago. As soon as she spotted me, she immediately screamed, “Buy me something to eat!” I lead with that because she was tweaking on the stoop in a similar fashion as Ginuwine did on this stool while performing with his not LSG group, TGT.

I hate to make fun of a person in pain, but dammit if Tyrese isn’t looking at Ginuwine as if he wanted to shout in his ear, “Now is not the time to be acting like Eddie Kane, Negro.” And that’s Negro said in a way I dare not type on this site.

I can’t say that I blame Tyrese though. I mean, he’s a bona fide Hollywood actor. He doesn’t need this, especially when he can be dealing with functional coke heads working on a set that offers a higher paying scale.

Why didn’t Tank hose Ginuwine down? Give him some coffee. Call some medical professional.

To Ginuwine’s credit, he sounded the best — allegedly high as cloud notwithstanding. Tank’s voice is lovely, but him deciding to get into a contest with Tyrese over who can over-sing each other the worst was the wrong move. I will give Tyrese two points for working in a plea to pre-order their forthcoming debut album, though.

Even so, please keep all parties involved in prayer.


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