Well this is pretty awkward. Sometimes, social media can get the best of us all, but when athletes decide to take Twitpics of themselves in the locker room, it might behoove them to remember that some of their teammates might actually be using the locker room for it’s intended purpose: Getting dressed.

Chicago Bears player  n unwittingly showed his teammate’s ass on the world wide web today when he excitedly tweeted out a photo of a surprise package from his alma mater, the University of Central Florida.

They had apparently decided to send the football star a complimentary t-shirt. Whoop dee doo! Marshall was eager to show off the free UCF swag, so he put on the shirt and snapped a pic of himself in the locker room. Unfortunately, there was a full moon captured in the shot.

Once Marshall realized what he’d done, he quickly deleted the tweet and apologized for the full-fledged glimpse of man ass he inflicted on the masses.

The poor guy whose nakedness was sent out to the world without his permission has yet to come forward, but some sharp-eyed Twitter folks are saying it was D.J. Moore.