A woman recently filed a police report accusing Cee Lo Green of sexual assault on claims that he drugged her, then had sex with her … something that Cee Lo himself denies.

According to TMZ, the woman told police that Cee Lo took her to a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles back in July, where they had drinks … but she remembers nothing past that point.

What she does remember, however, is waking up several hours later lying completely naked in a bed, with Cee Lo also in the room with her.

The woman — who doesn’t live in California — reported the incident to her local law enforcement agency, and the matter was eventually passed on to the LAPD, who had her make what is known as a “pretext call” where they basically baited Cee Lo into acknowledging what he did … and it was all recorded on tape.

In fact, sources involved directly with the case say that Cee Lo can be heard on the audio tape apologizing repeatedly, and also referring to MDMA (Ecstasy) … though he never specifically says he slipped it in her drink. He just thought the drug would help them have a good time together.

But Cee-Lo’s people say that the woman’s story doesn’t add up. For one, if Cee Lo was recorded on tape admitting to date raping someone, he would have already been arrested. And secondly, ecstasy usually doesn’t doesn’t usually knock people out and cause memory loss.

Cee-Lo’s people also told TMZ that the the woman tried to get Cee-Lo to pay her off to make the whole thing disappear … and when he didn’t, that’s when she went to the cops.

But sources close to the accuser paint a different picture … saying that the woman never demanded any money from the singer, and called the cops BEFORE her lawyer called Cee Lo’s manager. And the only reason her lawyer called Cee Lo’s manager was to find out whether the singer had any STDs.

Now we know it must have been traumatic to wake up naked next to Cee Lo … but damn! The lengths some women will go through just to deny they willingly slept with a man after a night of drinks.

The only thing Cee Lo is truly guilty of is being famous and having fingers that look like barbecue vienna sausages … that’s it. That lady ought to be ashamed of herself, and not just for having sex with Cee Lo.

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