Girl on Facebook dedicated song to late father (click to watch!)

This girl on Facebook made a video and dedicated a special song to her father who had passed away … and we know for a fact that you won’t be able to guess what song she chose to sing! Even if we gave you a million chances! She was all choked up about to break down and everything…

I’ve just been down lately, thinking about my daddy, who is no longer alive. And I’ve been dealing with that because he died at such a young age … You think about what your life could have been if he was here, like small things, like graduation, prom.

It’s just a lot of heartache that come along with losing a parent. And there’s this one song that gets me through it, it’s his favorite song. He used to sing it all the time. So I just want to sing this song to help me through it or whatever and I decided, ‘Maybe I should share this with Facebook,’ you feel me?

So just give me a minute…

Now we’re not making fun of the girl for showing love to her late father, but we just can’t understand why the song she sung would have her so emotional and on the verge of tears. No disrespect to the girl’s dad or anything, but this is probably the funniest video we’ve seen in a while! Continue reading to peep it to get you a good laugh in for the day.

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