Does anyone besides me feel like the year 2008 just came and went? I mean really, it just seems like we were just closing out 2007 and bringing in 2008. And here it is, exactly one year later, and we’re closing out 2008 and bringing in 2009. Anyway, I’m going to start something new here at Gossip On This. Every few months or so, I’m going to write you guys (the readers) a letter, letting you know about future plans for the site, and to generally ask of your opinions on the current state of the site: what you like, what you hate, what you wish we did more of, what you wish we did less of, celebrities you want to hear more about, celebrities you wish we’d stop talking about, features you’d like on the site, features you hate on the site, and anything and everything else you can possibly think of.

2009 is right around the corner, and with us being online for about 2 years, we’ve become a little seasoned (in blogger’s terms). New celebrity blogs open up every day, and most don’t even make it to 6 months without the writers getting bored and just giving up and closing up shop. Well, we here at Gossiponthis.com are not bored and plan to be around for a very long time. With magazine subscriptions on a slow and steady decline, and subscriptions to celebrity blog RSS feeds on a fast rise, all celebrity blogs are going to be around for a while. Hell, we just got here!

But with that said, I wanted to ask you … all of you. What exactly do you want? What exactly will bring you back here every day, several times a day? What will spark your interest and make you want to become an active commenter? Without the thousands of you that visit the site every day, we wouldn’t even exist. So your opinions and suggestions do matter. So drop us a comment and let us know what will make Gossiponthis.com home for you every time you boot up your computers and laptops and hop on the internet.

Positive (and negative) comments are both welcome. Just don’t go in too harsh on us.


Dustin Gary
Owner & Editor-in-Chief

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