If you’re looking for a really funny movie to check out this weekend, then look no further than Step Brothers, starring Will Ferrell & John C. Riley! I posted the trailer yesterday, and I’m posting a few exclusive clips from the movie today. The first clip is titled “Bunk Beds.” Dale (John C. Riley) and Brennan (Will Ferrell) ask their parents if it’s okay for the two of them to clear some space in their room for “activities,” but the only way to do that would be to make their beds into bunkbeds. So the two of them grab some powertools and get to work. But little did they know, it takes more than a little drilling and hammering to make sturdy bunkbeds. Check out the hilarious clip above, and continue reading for more!

The second clip is titled “I’m So Not A Raper.” After the boys get into enough trouble, Dale’s father, Mr. Doback, forces them to get off their lazy behinds and find jobs. Why is this clip titled, “I’m So Not A Raper,” you ask? Click play on the video above to see why!

The third clip is titled “Job Interview,” and immediately follows clip #2. The boys have a job interview to go to, so they go through Mr. Doback’s closet, find themselves two nice tuxedos, and head on to their interview. What happens once they get there is just something you’ll have to check out int he clip above.

The fourth and final clip, titled “I’m Burying You,” features Dale digging a hole to bury Brennan in, because he thinks he’s dead. But little does Dale know, Brennan is not dead at all! So he wakes up, knocks Dale over the head with a shovel, and flips the script and buries him.


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