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  1. love to win janet cd i been a fan of hers ever sence she did good times love her moives to . that will be a big surprise. if i won.

  2. well i guess this is the only way the album is going to sell, feed, what? What we need to feed her is a couple of hot tracks, some new dance routines [those she been prancing around since she was 12 is not cutting it today] and a new freaking manager [A&R] helllooo =)

  3. Janet can be summed up into one word AMAZING! i love the new single and i expect the album to be just as great!!

  4. i love her new album keep up the good work janet it’s good to see such good talent still in the music industry im a fan i grow up me and my sister listening to the jackson music and i can truely say the will never be such talent as you and your family have given us .so to end this comment keep up the good work janet /also i am about your age marraide and looking forward to more of your music love you./god bless you.

  5. all your music from when you where small is so great the best music around and i love your brother micheal he’s so cool you inspired me to become famous because i didn’t know what to do for my career

  6. wow~ finally janet has returned to us with a completely new album! tours sure to follow…here we go again! she’s got our attention and world domination has commenced. we’ve been bad, very bad and it’s time for some discipline!

  7. Ms. Janet is the best and I am sure this album will be the best yet. Even if she is gonna crush my dreams of marriage and marry a full time midget, she is still the BEST.


  8. OMG!!!!!! I am a huge Janet fan! I would love to win this CD, I absolutely can’t stop playing “Rock With U,” or “Feedback.” Thanks Think2wice, I honestly visit every single day!!!! 🙂

  9. There absolutely will never be another entertainer like Janet. I make it a point to never miss an album, a picture, a video, concert or performance. I’m 41 years old myself and I’m really tired of the world acting like you should just roll over and play dead once you turn 40. Let’s face it – we all grow older if we live so let’s support our artists and enjoy the music. WE ARE GOING TO BE DISCIPLINED ON 02-26-2008.

  10. i love janet and think2wice!

    janet is a talented singer, dancer, and all around entertainer… she continues to inspire and i hope that i can win a copy of Discipline 🙂

    please choose me!

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