Woo, I am soooo laaaate! I meant to do a new feature on Mr. Steph Jones, I did! I just wish I knew of him sooner and done so before, could’ve gotten an interview through Dominique, all well. Anyway! I remember visiting his MySpace page last year when I was doing promo for that DTP thing, I hear this nice, sophisticated voice, see this big afro and find myself ultimately in love with “Mr. Ordinary” and “Get Me Started!” He has a new song up called “La La Means Love” that I also love, on his MySpace. Jones’ sound with melodies and style are very simplistic but something you won’t forget and will always remember, I sort of love the contrast with the subtle calmness of his voice and his crazy style, with his ripped jeans and wild hair. I’m actually looking forward to more material from him.

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