OK, so, I finally got to see Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf this weekend at the movie theaters. I felt I just had to make up for missing Transformers, call me a sucker for fantasy, but it was nothing as I anticipated it to be. Beowulf, which stars Angelina Jolie opposite Ray Winstone, appeared set in a mediaeval atmosphere in accordance with the Old English and overall attire. The movie started off a tad bit vague for me, everything was bits and pieces until the ending; which grasped my mere forethoughts but only leaving a visible unclearness in the latter. It was still, nonetheless, a heart-ponding, havoc wreaking movie. I say, the moral of the story here is vanity has its downfall, meaning pride is a curse, being one of the 7 deadly sins and all. This seems as though the only conclusion I can come to culmination with. I really enjoyed scenes, though. The visuals, artistry, and definition were flawless, as Zemeckis’ films always are (Polar Express). 4.5/5

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