Damn homie! I didn’t know Patti Labelle got down like that, haha! I’m too busy ROTFLMFAO at how she chewed homeboy out to explain how it all went down. Just watch the “frikkin” video LOL. I’m mad she snatched that mic away from him and dismissed him to his seat like that! Don’t eff with Patti Labelle!!!

I feel kind of sorry for her though. After watching the whole thing, she seemed to be clearly upset/embarassed at dude’s comment. And since some people can’t access youtube at certain locations this is what happened: She apparently called th guy on stage to dance/sing with her during “Lady Marmalade” and at the end she said, “Oooh, he was coming too close to me!” in a joking manner, and he joked back and said “I think you wanted it more than I did!” Bad movie, homie … bad move. But in the end, he apologized to her and they hugged. Watch what you say kids!!

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