Film director CHRIS CROCKER says LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! And to be honest, I completely agree. I think Britney’s in a bit of a rough patch and needs people to support/ help her. Even though she did something wrong, I bet she already regrets it. She wants to stand up again, but all she has received is negative comments about her, that makes her want to give up on herself. Just look at the girl’s performance recently at the VMAs, she has totally lost all of her confidence (she has left) within herself. She pretends to be sexy, because that’s only thing she thinks that could help her to gain back her audience’s attention. I’m not going to say, “I feel sorry for her” or “my heart goes out” or “I miss the old Britney” — cliche, cliche. But I will say she has my full support, she’ll bounce back =]

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