[youtube Y8Qh3Pv1Jws]

Seriously, was I the only one who liked this guy? FOOD & LIQUOR was my ish in the ’06! I still can’t believe – I must have been on antidepressants or something – cos I shole lent out that CD; never saw it again -_-

Best lines ever:

Welcome all of yall to my dark recesses
This is where I keep the bars like bathtub edges
My Ivories And My Doves My Levers and my Zests
It takes half of your bubble bath to match the freshness
The belly of the beast you know I’m from it
I wrap it in a towel here go my pal in the stomach
And I be on my green like Irish Spring and I Coast
Fudge wit It and get a mouth full of soap

How does he come up with this shit? Anyway, just to let you know, Lupe is coming back and full force too!

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