Chris Brown Covers Vibe Magazine

VIRGIN Chris Brown covers the October 2007 Edition of Vibe. In the issue the R&B heartthrob runs down his “rumored” relationship with Pop princess Ciara, those vague images of him that circulated on the net a few months ago, and the matureness of his latest album, Exclusive. Here is some of what MTV had to say:

Chris Brown, who’s about to drop his sophomore album Exclusive, let Vibe magazine in on a few other exclusives — about his love life. The magazine’s new cover boy reveals that he’s “girl crazy — very girl crazy,” but there are limits. For instance, the nude photos that turned up on the Internet in March were not actually him. “First of all, I don’t take [naked] pictures of myself,” Brown told the mag. “If I’m gonna show somebody that, I’d rather show the person that’s gonna be in the room with me at that time.” So who might be that person be? Not Ciara, that’s for sure. When asked about her, his face “curls up as if he’d just noticed a foul odor,” Vibe observed. “I don’t want Ciara,” Brown said. “I don’t want any industry girl.” He’d prefer a “regular girl” — that is, provided she’s also “a model.” No wonder he hasn’t had more than two girlfriends (the last when he was 14), or been on a proper date in more than three years. “I’ve had girlfriends, but it’s different,” he said. “Not jump-offs! Like, you don’t be like, ‘That’s my girl,’ but you know when you hang with her, it’s like … friends with benefits. If I’m singling out one girl, think about all the other girls who are falling in love with me in that club. What they gon’ think? So it’s like, I have a relationship with every girl. It’s like every girl is my girlfriend.” The magazine hits newsstands on September 11, while Exclusive is out October 30. … [ SOURCE ]

I will add, on that picture comment, the people who take naked pictures of themselves (in front of the mirror at that) are narcissistic people. Please correct me if I’m wrong . . .

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