Win a Kevin Michael “One Love” T-Shirt!

I’m sure you guys remember Mike posting Kevin Michael’s “One Love” video about a month ago. If you don’t, check it out HERE! Anyhow, if you peeped the video, you’ll remember the t-shirts all of the kids were wearing at the end of it. If you post a comment in this post between now and August 29th, you might be able to win one for yourself! On August 30th I will randomly select 2 commenters and contact them via e-mail to collect their mailing addresses and shirt sizes.. ALL COMMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY AUGUST 29TH 2007 @ 11:59 PM. Any comments with a timestamp marked later than that will be ineligible to win. Also, please use a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS! Shout-outs to Cornerstone Promotion for the free swag! For more on Kevin Michael, make sure you check out his MYSPACE.

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  1. woooowwwww i really wan’t that shirt!!! I thought they were awesome in the video. Also I really dig Kevin Michael’s style and music. Plus he’s cute. lol

  2. I am really feeling K.M. , with this being his first song he is actually saying something positive. Big ups to him and Wyclef for that hot song.

  3. I heard the joint he had with Lupe & I was definitely drawn to the One Love joint (Thanks to you guys for making that video post about it too, or else I would’ve missed out on a very talented artist). His voice is so mesmerizing & the lyrics just make me love the song even more. Something in my gut tells me he’s probably gonna be slept on just like how Robin Thicke was slept on for quite a while. Songs with meaningful messages & lyrics just don’t cut it anymore, sadly. But hopefully I’m wrong, ’cause I definitely want to see him succeed.

  4. OMG! no, for real I love Kevin Michael. I joined his fan community on his website and he’s in my top 4 on myspace. Seriously he’s amazing, his voice is so real and powerful. And I think he’s hot in a rugged way. The “one love” song is awesome. And shout outs to his “one- man- band- buddy” Akil Dasan. One day I’d love to see Kevin live in concert, but for now I’d love to win a shirt!

  5. I’m constantly listening to It Don’t Make Any Diffrence to Me!!! I want’s the t-shirt too!!!

  6. Kevin Michael gives me faith in music again!!
    Can`t wait until his album drops!
    I still want one of those shirts!!!!!

  7. New day, new comment!
    LoL j/p, I was just wondering
    if you guys had any info on when his album drops?
    Cause I keep on getting different dates,
    Uggh I hate when artist`s do that,
    just choose a date!

  8. I’ve been in love with his music for a while now. He’s an amazing artist with so much to offer besides that beautiful voice. And I would like to recieve that t-shirt. =]

  9. I’m being polite wit it. lol
    Can I please get that Kevin Michael “One Love” shirt?
    Cuz I love Kevin Michael and this song =) =) =) =)
    Giving extra smileys to make yall choose me. lol

    By saying T2W rocks, I know yall gon give me it. lmao
    But for real, I would love this T-shirt

  10. Kevin Michael is so dope! When i first heard his song,”We All Want”, i was like, “YES! Real music again!” and i love his new video! He so cute, with the afro of his! lol-but yea, now about that shirt…i want that!


  11. I’m really feelin Kevin Michael he’s really good. I found out about him on myspace i saw his top 5 albums that he listens 2 and doesnt have 2 skip a song and just decided 2 go 2 his page and thought his music was real good. I really hope to win 1 of those t-shirts!!

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