Eve Covers HX Magazine!

Celebrity blogger and journalist CLAY CANE recently did an interview with Eve for HX Magazine. Eve was very open with Clay about her girl crush, how to battle a Lil’ Kim drag queen, DL men in hip-hop, working with homophobic artist Sizzla and much more. Check out a snippet of the interview below:

At what point in your career did you know the gay community supported you?
I feel like they have always supported me from the time I came out. I always felt good if a gay person gave me props. Honestly, I feel like if a gay person gives you props, you must be doing something right. That’s just real, and I always felt like that. I wish I remembered this drag queen’s name…I was in downtown New York and she pulled me to the side and she was like, “Girl, you are hot! Okay? You don’t let nobody tell you different!” I loved it! I was like, “Thank you!” I’m happy I have the support.

Do you have gay friends in your circle? »
Yeah, I guess, but I don’t think about it like that. But, yeah, I definitely do.

Who’s the most important gay person in your life? »
I don’t have any best [gay] friends or a “talk on the phone” kind of thing. It’s more business—friendship business.

Do you get approached a lot by women? »
Yeah, I used to more when I first came out. I’ve had people tell me straight up and down that I was gay—I still get it from people. I get more accusations than I actually do get hit on now.

Who is your celebrity girl-crush? » My girl crush is Angelina Jolie. That’s an everybody girl-crush— that’s my dog’s crush! [Laughs] There is one more person: Dita Von Teese. I’m obsessed with her! I want a Dita Von Teese doll and I’ll be happy. She’s just bananas!

If an “Eve” drag queen had to battle a “Lil’ Kim” drag queen, what pointers would you give to Miss Eve? »
I love that question! I’m trying to think of some good shit! [Laughs] It would just be to keep it sexy, keep it glamorous, keep it classic, but still funky, still hot, still edgy. I wouldn’t be mad if they changed wigs in the middle of the set— I’ve had a lot of hairstyles! [Laughs] If we could do that, I think we’d kill it!


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