KELLY’S MOVING ON? » A little birdie came to my window, and told me that Kelly Rowland is a little heated that Beyonce is touring at the same time that she is trying to “promote” her sophomore LP “Miss Kelly.” To be frank, I’d be angry too! Y’allk now they left homegirl high and dry LOL. Celebrity informants claim that the former DC3 singer will soon be leaving the Mathew Knowles management camp, replacing Mr. Knowles with Timbaland. I’m all for Kelly leaving Music World Music and everything, but Timbaland? C’mon now! Fact or fiction? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


DC3 RETURNING WITH NEW MEMBERS? » Looks like MEDIA TAKE OUT is back to their old ways of posting fake shit. I’m a firm promoter of the following quote: “Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.” Apparently, someone told them that Destiny’s Child is scheduled to come out with an album next year. But neither Beyonce, Kelly, nor Michelle will be featured on it. Replacing the old members will be Solange Knowles, Katy Shotter (the winner of UK TV show Chancers) and a third member that will be chosen by viewers of Mathew Knowles’ new TV show. The insider explains to Media Fake Out “The final member will be chosen during an American Idol-type show … Nothing is signed yet but we’ve already shown the [show’s] treatment to a few production companies – and all of them are interested.” Fact or fiction? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


STEPHEN, YOU BETTER NOT HURT MY BOO! » Celebrity snitches report that Stephen Belafonte was previously arrested for beating his baby mama, Nicole Contreras, during a night of drinking at their home in Beverly Hills. The two were apparently dating at the time. His real name is Stephen Stansbury, and reportedly has a criminal record in New Jersey, San Diego, and LA. Stephen was charged by the county of Beverly Hills with assault with a deadly weapon. And Hollywood also pinched him for vandalism and assault on a roommate. He was evicted from each one for not paying rent and has served time in jail for trying to alter his computer police records. All of the information apparently came about after it was announced that he and Mel B have been married since June! I know one damn thing though … he better not hurt my Melanie! Stephen Belafonte, Stansbury, Pillsbury, whatever the hell your name is … better watch it! =) Fact or fiction? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

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