T2W Exclusive: J. Holiday Interview Tomorrow!

I know this is pretty short notice but I will be interviewing new R&B artist J. Holiday tomorrow, so if you guys have any burning questions feel free to leave them here. I’ll try my best to slide them in, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to.

UPDATE: The interview will be done on Thursday!

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  1. 1. Are you single (don’t lie) whats your turn ons and offs about a girl

    2. What your favorite R&B singer right now that your listening to.

    3. If you was in a R&B group which r&b singers would you put in the group

    4 What if your don’t make in the music business whats your side job going to be.

    Oh yeah where is the Johnta Austin Interview at I will like thank ya for Interviewing great Artist’s

  2. how old is he where is he from is he dating anyone how many tattoo does he have and what are they of and i love his song bed by the way

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