Blitz McBain, a 19 year-old out of downtown Manhattan, is best known for his multiple flows and creative side. With influences Jay-Z, Prince, and Kanye West, the man is not afraid to spark controversy. He first established a name in the New York hip-hop scene at the age of twelve when he involved himself in the music industry-related work of his uncle. With clever lines and street-ridden beats, Blitz consistently brings something fresh to the game. He focuses primarily on the music aspect of his career. “I have to stay clean,” he tells us in a downtown coffee shop. “I’m basing everything on what [my uncle] did wrong. He had an ego problem and a drinking problem. Liver problems prevented him from ever taking the spotlight as a major rapper.” The name Blitz, as you may already know, originates from the popular video game NFL Blitz. “When I used to fight, I would come with aggression. That’s how I got the name. And it stuck.” Blitz is now putting every second he has into his up-and-coming album, Look At Me Now. When asked his favorite song off the album, he replies, “My favorite song is ‘Comfort Me’. It takes place in the afterlife and how I think it’s gonna’ be once I die- like being an angel looking down on the world as somebody dies.”

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