Chris Brown » “Let Me Take You Down” » LISTEN » (Snippet) » Now, before all you horny-ASS girls (and some guys) go crazy and jump me in the parking lot for this song – it is not the full version – merely a snippet. However, this snippet is considerably longer (1:41 to be exact) than the 15 second one floating around; it starts at the very beginning, goes through the hook and fades out approaching the second verse leaving more than enough time for you to soak it in. This should hold you over while I beg my friend DOMINQUE for the full, I ain’t too proud to beg.

Sean Kingston » “Got No Shorty” » LISTEN » (Full) » So far, I’m digging all the recent material from Sean Kingston. Here, he returns with a revised version of “Dracula’s Wedding” in my opinion; the track is very Andre3000esque to say the least … or maybe I’m just a crazed Outkast stalker. Sidenote: The Love Below=classic!

Jo Jo » “Beautiful Girls (Cover)” » LISTEN » (Full) » Now I don’t know if this is a single or whatever, did Jo Jo record the original version? Apparently that’s what people are saying, but I’m not too sure. The song fits Sean Kingston more, in my opinion, but I do like Jo Jo’s “Beautiful Girls” better. You know what? It would be pretty dope if someone hooked up a blend version of the song, with both Sean and Jo Jo’s vocals, as a little duet thing. Let’s make it happen!

R. Kelly, Usher + T-Pain » “Same Girl (Remix)” » LISTEN » (Full) » Although I do love “Same Girl,” I do not as a remix. I’m starting to get a little tired of the original too, it’s just so gay and unrealistic, like men actually sit down and just start acting out shit like musical. I’m going to have to agree with Brian, the remix started off pretty good until T-Pain brought his random ass on in, it just transcended into a complete mess. The profanity was just too much for me really. The lyrics are everywhere and mess up the whole theme of the song; it left me confused and somewhat irate! T-pain reminding me of the TOURETTE’S GUY and R. Kelly done lost his damn mind tombout bobbleheads, snappin’ fingers like Michael Jackson an’ shit.

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