50 Cent Make Up Your Damn Mind!

Good ol’ fiddy. What can we say about him? Well for one, on a few occasions in the past, 50 Cent could be quoted calling George “Dubya” Bush a “gangtsa” and saying that he’s like him in some ways. He even once was quoted saying things like: “I wanna…shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.” Check out this article from a year ago.

ARTICLE FROM AUGUST 2006: Rapper 50 Cent compares himself to the U.S. president because they are both unpopular. The star is a massive fan of the Republican leader, who he calls his “homeboy.” He says, “You wanna know something? I actually like Bush. In some ways, I’m the George W. Bush of hip hop – nobody likes me, but I’m still gonna run it for the next four years.” But the rapper has no aspirations to emulate his hero. He adds, “I don’t need that kind of pressure. All I need is a sequel to my video game and a new hit single.”

Well, now the soon-to-be-flopping rapper is marching to the beat of a very different drum:

RECENT QUOTE FROM JULY 2007 “George Bush has a talent: he has less compassion than the average human,” Contact Music quoted 50 as saying. “By all means, I don’t aspire to be like George Bush,” he said.


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