As y’all probably know by now, I am a T.I. fan. But this dude has to draw the line somewhere. What is he trying to prove, and who is he trying to prove it to? Our friends over at MOCHA ENT tipped us on a recent “mishap” between T.I. and a spectator in the audience at a recent performance. This is what my boy fuXor had to say about the incident:

A man threw his cup over his shoulder facing away from the stage trying to hide the fact that he threw it at T.I. I looked directly at T.I. as the cup was thrown and he immediately stopped rapping and walked up to the edge of the stage to seek out who threw the cup. He looked at me and of course… I didn’t snitch on the dude. But this girl standing next to me did… lol. I personally seen T.I. drop the microphone on the floor before charging the man. On top of that, there was a loud thud coming out the speakers from the drop of the mic. She pointed out the guy and T.I. immediately jumped off the stage, dropped the mic and started swinging in our direction looking to knock the dude out. Security broke everything up immediately….

Hmm, looks as though someone is taking this T.I. vs T.I.P. thing a little too seriously. Don’t ya think??

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