Wow, you can’t believe how pissed I was, to find out that none of these singles didn’t make Kelly’s album! Lol, so in actuality it turns out the “Still In Love With My X” and “Work (Put It In)” remixes did not make the cut unfortunately. I am so sorry about that, but I did put together a “Ms. Kelly Unreleased” version with it including the two remixes as well as the full quality to “Gotsta Go” Part 1 and 2, “Baby I Love U” – and hey! I just found out “You Will Win” is also NOT on the album … are ya jokin’? Nope! But luckily I’ve upped them all in their full entirety. =]


Now, there are still many unreleased tracks, none of which I will be posting, but I just decided to post these few in light of Kelly’s cd dropping today. Alright let me give you the scope, “Still In Love With My X (Remix)”; what ever happen to her “going back” and “reworking the album” to get back to her urban roots … cause I think she may have left this version out accidentally. “Work (Put It In)” w/Fat Joe; I have no idea why they left this out. “Gotsta Go”; Da Brat and E-V-E shut it down! I believe Part 1 is a bonus on Ms. Kelly? “Baby I Love U”; Strong message, so true indeed. “You Will Win”; My effin’ soundtrack to my life! All in all, I really wanted those remixes to make the album, that’s so booty what they did. Anyway, I digress, check out this “Throwback” of the day, Avant and Kelly Rowland – “SEPARATED REMIX”. Yeah, I guess it’s Kelly’s day today! Oh and I love, “you wait ’til I was sleep to call the damn police!” Best line ever.

Kelly Rowland feat. Young Texxus » “Still In Love With My X (Remix)” » LISTEN » (Full)
Kelly Rowland feat. Fat Joe » “Work (Put It In) (Remix)” » LISTEN » (Full)
Kelly Rowland feat. Da Brat » “Gotsta Go (Part 1)” » LISTEN » (Full)
Kelly Rowland feat. Da Brat + Eve » “Gotsta Go (Part 2)” » LISTEN » (Full)
Kelly Rowland » “Baby I Love U” » LISTEN » (Full)
Kelly Rowland » “You Will Win” » LISTEN » (Full)

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