I really have to address this, for the simply fact, people are unaware. Lauryn Hill is not crazy, okay? The media will brainwash you to think that she is, okay? People want to destroy her because she is the truth, okaaaay? Let that marinate for a few moments… Some people, when they don’t understand something, they question it – call it “crazy” and abnormal. What some people don’t get is that artists are marketed, dictated and forced to appeal to consumer standards. Your saying, “Lauryn, shut up and put out another album already!” – newsflash! She can’t, her label will not allow her to, her music has too many positive messages and not enough to perpetuate drugs, sex, and violence in the urban communities. And I’m tired of people calling her crazy … why, because she doesn’t dress like you? Because of her keen fashion sense you call it not standard… Ignorance is bliss indeed.

You don’t even really know her well enough to accuse her of such allegations, but even if she is crazy, why don’t you do your “Christian” part and pray for her or something, instead of killing her more with your backlashing?

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