Who the Hell Does Jigga Think He Is?

This fool thinks he’s everybody’s daddy. Shit’s NOT cool. Apparantly Jay-Z and NFL star Larry Johnson are what they call “roommates.” But I like the term “fuckbuddies” a lot better. It just rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it? Ain’t no way two grown men, who can do more than afford their own places, live together, and be seen as hot in the streets. It’s just not cool. But that’s not what this particular post is about. Daddy Jigga is mad because Larry appeared in Fantasia’s video, “When I See U.” Yeah, that’s right. He’s angry because his butt buddy didn’t follow his “advice” and did his own thing. Go figure. Here’s what Larry told the Kansas City Star:

“Between me and you, he definitely didn’t want me to do that Fantasia video. I definitely got cussed out for that one. He told me there were a lot of things he wanted to do, but he couldn’t do them. He said, ‘You gotta be able to look at yourself as a business, as stock, and the less things you do, the more people will have interest in you. The more things you do, you water down your value.'”

Boys and girls, can you say COCK BLOCKER? I wonder what Julissa and Beyonce think of this “relationship.”

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