Is Nicole Richie Pregnant??It seems like everyone has a rumor out about them being pregnant, except for the guys of course. Anyway, a blabber-mouthed source close to Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (her boo) said this:

“Joel and Nicole aren’t confirming anything until she’s 12 weeks or more. The baby was not a total accident, they are in a serious relationship and definitely want to get married eventually. Nicole thought it would be a good time to get pregnant — since her trial for DUI is coming up, she wanted to prove that she was 100% clean. Of course, the reason for her getting pregnant was not to get out of jail. She and Joel are very very happy. Every time I talk to him, he sounds less like the punk rebel he used to be, and more like a family man.”

Well, I think if she was even a week pregnant, she’d be showing by now… I mean c’mon, the girl weighs at most 90 pounds. She still looks like skin and bones and I see no pudge or “baby bump” what-so-ever, so maybe this is just a ploy to get some of the attention off the JAILBIRD? Hmm, I dunno … jealousy can be a bitch at times! But if she is pregnant, I feel sorry for that poor malnourished child.

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