Shar Jackson Says: “There’s Absoultely No Action Going On In My Uterus”Lmao, no really! She said that! Shar claims that the RUMOR that was put out a few days ago claiming she was with child is just that … a rumor! She insists that she hasn’t had sex in ages, and was quoted as saying:

There’s absolutely no action going on in my uterus! I got a call from a bunch of people. I was like, ‘Wow, maybe I need to go and find out something about myself.’ I’m no expert, but I hear you have to actually have sex… hasn’t been happening.”

Totally not true Shar! I guess someone didn’t take sex ed classes in high school. Experts say that sperm cells swim and can live outside the body for some time, and if sperm is within a couple inches (or miles in K Fed’s case) of your “parts down there” then you could in fact become pregnant! That damn Kevin is so fertile he could sneeze and get a girl pregnant. It’s happened before. Anyhow, Shar says she has no plans on getting pregnant anytime soon. Why? “I just got a tummy tuck a few months ago; I’m not trying to ruin my new body” – Shar. Yeah, that’s a pretty good reason … I guess? *shrugs shoulders*

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