Shar Jackson Pregnant with K Fed’s 382nd Baby!Word on the streets is that Shar Jackson is pregnant … by Kevin Federline! Yeah, I know right? “What the hayell?!”

“Britney will be devastated. The mere mention of Shar’s name when she and Kev were married used to make her fly into a rage. She wanted Kevin to have as little to do with her as possible,” says a source. A close friend of Shar’s tells Star magazine, “Shar told me, ‘I’m pregnant, I just know it. I know when I have a baby inside of me!’”

Yeah, what a way to keep your mouth shut, friend! Shar got a positive result from a home pregnancy test, which was confirmed by a visit to her gynecologist a few days later; currently she’s about 6 weeks along. Aint that bouta bitch?! Ain’t this baby number 4 or 5 with this dude? I wonder how many more kids he has with other women. You can’t sit there and tell me Shar and Britney are his only baby momma’s. As fertile as this mofo is, he has to have more!

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