T-Pain - Epiphany

Although T-Pain is my guilty pleasure, I can’t stand his ass sometimes, but I’m sure he ain’t even studying folks as long as he has his “Tallahassee Love.” He’s like a cockroach, no matter how much you spray- where the bottle ’bout much empty- ’til you gotta get the HOOVER for that bitch! There is no denying his talents so let me stop talkin’ greasy for he take my behind to “Church.” Anyway the album is very mellow at first, T-Pain’s voice is very bland to me for some reason, it’s also an album you can throw in the whip. On this album though, I think this is the most serious I’ve ever seen him. He talks a little about his girl having HIV/AIDS, and I’m like, “wow! That’s deep…” I don’t know if this is from real life experiences but it definitely defines epiphany I’ll say! There’re some smooth lounge-ish tracks and a couple upbeat joints on it as well. The album features the likes of Konvict Muzik label mate Akon, Shawnna, Teddy Verseti and others. Overall the album was pretty “decent” you could actually say. I can’t say anything bad about it, it’s a lot of revelations you can get from it; like the title says Epiphany… speaks for itself. Towards the end, “Reggae Night,” Best Line Ever: “Girl I cannot believe you got me comin’ out here on a Reggae Night, ‘shit you need to get out tha house.’ She-it I hope ya gotcha purse, ya gotcha knife? ‘HELL YEAH! These Jamaicans crazy…'” and “Shottas” the album starts to get a little hilarious and fun then kinda jumps to mid-tempo with “Right Hand”; “Sounds Bad,” I like these tracks a lot, it’s one of those songs you relate to (I’m sure all the men). So, with that being said- June 5th, I would definitely recommend this album for a good buy. PS. Don’t judge a book by its cover 🙂

T-Pain feat. Shawnna, Cee-Lo & Teddy Verseti » “Church” » MIRROR » (Full)
T-Pain » “Suicide” » MIRROR » (Full)
T-Pain feat. Akon » “Bartender” » MIRROR » (Full)
T-Pain » “Time Machine” » MIRROR » (Full)

Fabolous - From Nothin

Now we have Mr. Fabo with his forth studio album, From Nothin’ To Somethin’. Def Jam has pushed back the release date five times, starting with December 19th to February 27th, then to March 23rd, then to April 17th, next to May 18th, and finally to June 12th. The album starts off with an in-your-face-haters vibe, which I always love on a good record, especially of someone who came from rags to riches like Fabolous. He has reason to say what he says. It’s got a real nice ‘hood track feel to it- it has some nice soft ballads, mid-tempo, and some great club bangers on there; productions by Akon, Timbaland, Jermaine Dupri, Reefa, Just Blaze and of course Swizz Beatz; the album features Akon, Ne-Yo, T-Pain, Junior Reid, Jay-Z, Lloyd, Rihanna.. damn! All these collaborations… Haha! But needless to say this is possibly one of the best cds I’ve listened to doing my little “Album Reviews,” I absolutely LOVE Fabolous, I think of him as a Mini-Jay 😆 he is! Jay knows it too, I’m suuuure. But yeah- June 12th, go out and get the album. That boy Fab did that shit, you won’t be sorry! By the way, “Real Playa Like,” is my favorite– good gawd! There were A LOT of great tracks man, but I can’t post them ya’ll, YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AND BUY THE ALBUM. 🙂

Fabolous feat. Akon » “Change Up” » MIRROR » (Full)
Fabolous feat. T-Pain » “Baby Don’t Go” » MIRROR » (Full)
Fabolous feat. Junior Reid » “Gangsta Don’t play” » MIRROR » (Full)
Fabolous feat. Lloyd » “Real Playa Like” » MIRROR » (Full)
Fabolous feat. Rihanna » “First Time” » MIRROR » (Full)

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