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New track from Kanye West aka The Louis Vuitton Don! It’s entitled “Stronger,” a sample from Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” from Kanye West’s third LP Graduation due…ahhhh maybe sooner than we actually thought

Awww naw, naw we can’t give ’em all that! We can’t give ’em everything. Graduation is comin’. It’s quite soon, it’s gettin’- the album is gettin’ pushed up as we speak- as I’m speaking right now the whole building is going crazy, [they] pushin’ the album up they like ‘Kanye doin’ drops, let’s push the album up’ ya know? The more drops I do, the earlier the album’s gonna come, so just the more shit I talk the sooner ya’ll get the shit so…

Urrgh, I love Kanye man, you know this album is going to be mad crazy! This sounds better than the first single, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” although “Stronger” is just a little snippet- I’m already getting ghostbumps listening to it, “i-i-it’s quite soon…” LOL! Keep talkin’ yo shit ‘Ye, I can’t wait much longer! Oh, ya’ll know I’m pushin’ this shit ’til the wheels fall off riiiight? Just from what I’ve heard so far, if you are not anticipating this album right now, you are just as crazy as this beat and I will pray for you tonight.

Kanye West » “Stronger” » MIRROR » (Snippet)

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