New Artist: Tynisha Keli

Aye, thanks to Koriee for the heads up on this chick. Tynisha Keli is the frickin’ truth, just by hearing “Let It Go” I knew automatically I was diggin’ her. She is currently working on her debut album, Even If It Takes Forever, due out sometime later this year. It was confirmed that Tynisha’s official first single will be “I Wish You Loved Me” (Myspace). The single will debut on radio stations in the U.S. on May 24, 2007 (tomorrow!). Tynisha will also be shooting a music video for this song! Below are some old songs from Tynisha that blew her up on the Myspace game, similar to Cassie’s story. Fun Fact: difference is one of these young ladies can actually sing (I’ll let you figure out the one I’m referring to.) She recently took all of these vocally amazing songs OFF her myspace ugh! Lol… I heard because that was the past and now her label is now starting to push her a little more now because again of her myspace success, but let’s hope she gets marketed properly- Warner Brothers is whack- their last artist was Paris Hilton. No comment. Switch labels girl! Your voice is too extraordinary to waste like that.

Tynisha Keli » “Can’t Turn Back” » MIRROR » (Full)
Tynisha Keli » “Ooh Wee” » MIRROR » (Full)
Tynisha Keli » “The Right Man” » MIRROR » (Full)
Tynisha Keli » “Sitting In Bedroom” » MIRROR » (Full)

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