Wheeew, I am so late with this but, it’s here! And there is just so much to discuss. Let me just start with- THIS ALBUM IS DOPE BUSINESS! But I simply can not post all of the songs so go out June 5th and BUY, BUY, BUY, BUY! Surprisingly good, more than I actually expected, there’s a lot of great up tempo songs including amazing production by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake along with Stargate and others. Of course the album features label mate Ne-Yo, “Hate That I Love You” a stringy guitar version of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick” in my opinion, and was executive produced by Jay-Z. You probably already remember “Shut Up And Drive,” a pop-rock kind of track that’s slated to be Rihanna’s second single lifted from the amancipated album, Good Girl Gone Bad. Overall it’s one of those records you hate at first but you can’t stop listening to it after the 500th time. Lawd knows when I heard “Breakin’ Dishes” and “Sell Me Candy”? Yeah, that drove me up a damn wall, sounded like a constipated cat, but urrrgh yet I keep playing it. I’d say the album deals mostly with love, which isn’t a bad thing, all the elements of love. And don’t think Rihanna has strayed from her Barbadian background either! I’m definitly diggin’ this new “Good Girl/ Bad Girl” image Rihanna has going on, beautiful melodies with assertive lyrics at the same time. A couple dance groves wouldn’t hurt either too! LOL, there’s this one song, “Breakin’ Dishes” that’s hilarious, “Still waiting, ‘come throught the door’! I’m killin’ time, ya know? bleachin’ ya clothes, I’m roastin’ marshmellows on the fiyah and what I’m burnin’? It’s ya attire!” LMAO! Almost kin to Brooke Valentines’ “I Want You Dead” which I looove! By the way, is she sayin’ she gonna BITE a man or FIGHT a man? Lol, I’ve included that particular song in the posting as well 🙂

Rihanna » “Breakin’ Dishes” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)
Rihanna » “Don’t Stop The Music” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)
Rihanna » “Lemme Get That” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)
Rihanna » “Push Up On Me” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)

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