ALBUM REVIEW: Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight

Whew, I know I am kind of late [but actually kind of early with this.] considering the “Cyber Land” community. I also meant to post the video for “What I’ve Done” a long time ago, but I guess I got caught up in the “hype,” and posted what was “in” at the time. How on this earth can I forget about, one of the best bands that I happen to like, Linkin Park! Well anyway, Minutes To Midnight (album cover shown above), the third studio album from the group, is scheduled to be released May 15th 2007 in the United States and will include their first single, “What I’ve Done,” which was released on April 2, 2007 and debuted at number one on the U.S. Modern Rock charts! The album is full of hardcore rock aggression and interesting choice of lyrics in some songs; “What I’ve Done,” “Hands Held High,” “No More Sorrow”…. All my personal favorites by the way. Overall it was a pretty damn good listen (“Given Up” = Kick. Ass. Shit.) *sigh* man, ya’ll really need to listen to rock… After the cut you can watch the video for “What I’ve Done” also, hats off to the director, it captured the whole essence of the song in it’s complete entirety. It touches on some few global issues such as animal cruelty, inhumanity, righteous America (the same America claiming patriotism), war, and current events like uh.. Darfur! Heeelllloooo, wake up people, wake up! Oh, and J recently bought up a request that I found was a great idea, I use to do it but stopped, posting alternate links for new music just in case the original link is down for whatever reason; because I got a lot of request to post some links back up but I could not, sorry. BUT, from now on I will take this into consideration and post a “Mirror,” meaning alternate, link when posting BFF. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience ya’ll.

Linkin Park » “Given Up” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full) – FUCKIN’ HARD-ASS SHIT, REAL TALK!!!
Linkin Park » “Shadow of the Day” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)
Linkin Park » “What I’ve Done” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)
Linkin Park » “No More Sorrow” » LISTEN » MIRROR » (Full)

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