YOUNG JEEZY – “DREAMIN” » So yesterday Young Jeezy appeared on BET’s Access Granted for his song “Dreamin” with Keyshia Cole, here is the video premiere for his latest single, you can watch it above! I love the concept of the song as well as the video from a certain standpoint, I love listening motivational stuff like this, it let’s you know there’s still hope and not to give up. Believe me it is so easy to just say, “Ok, I can’t do this shit anymore, I give up” etc. But it definitely takes a strong individual say, you know what I can make it and I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. That’s what I love seein’ rather than you showing me all the falsified crap I don’t have or want for that matter, why would I support someone like that? So I will continue to push this type of music to the forefront. I believe Tru Life was on the radio doing an interview and was like, “you can’t be too preachy to people like Mos Def,” and basically it goes over people’s head, especially the younger generation, and I am sadden by this because this happens to be my generation. People want to listen to what they can’t have– they like fantasy. But sooner or later it’s like, time to wake up, time to get back to reality! Everything contradicts itself, another joint that won’t get played, oh the irony of it all.

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