Ludacris » “Slap” (Explicit) » Download » (Full) » First, I was too lazy to post the radio rip (my bad, lol) and second, I just wanted to post this song and dedicate it to anyone who’s going through struggle, which is everyone, don’t give me that b.s.! If I have struggles, we all have struggles, simple fact. Nobody is perfect and no one has the right to judge you or act like they know you when they don’t, at all. Like I said a lot of people, as well as myself, can relate to this song because it’s more than “bling, bling” or the cars or your ho’s- whatever! Surely it’s more to life than all of those things I just mentioned and more to talk about- geeze! Talk about anger, love, struggle SOMETHING COT DAMMIT! I’m tired of turning on the radio and hearing the same crap, I think it’s actually making me stupid slowly but surely, like the industry is mocking us! Like “your actually dumb enough to listen to this garbage…” That’s what I get, I’m sorry. The sad part is this shit don’t get NO type of play and I’ve been to a lot of black blogs and NONE of them are even promoting this, which is even sadder.

Timbaland » “The Way I Are” » Download » (Full) » Yes! It was confirmed and “The Way I Are” is the official second single from Timbo’s Shock Value- IN STORES NOW! The song features Keri Hilson (this girl is going places for real) & D.O.E. I think this is an excellent single choice, in fact probably one of my favorite songs, from the album. We can only hope that the video doesn’t turn out all cheap and raggedy like “Give It To Me” – I wanted my club scene dammit! But I digress.

Kelly Rowland » “Gotsta Go” (Remix) » Download » (Full) » I don’t know if this will be on the album or not, I don’t think so, they should do this as a bonus track! But this was the official remix for “Gotsta Go,” featuring Da Brat and Eve. It’s probably one of the best remixes out this year, I really do wish Kelly the best, I hope she does well on the charts when Miss Kelly drops June 26th *crosses fingers* I am praying Kelly. Lol! But I have really liked everything I’ve heard so far from the album. Go Kelly!! =]

Maroon 5 » “Makes Me Wonder” » Download » (Full) » OK, this is the last time I’m going to post this- promise! Lol. I just really love this song, another one you guys can probably relate to, I know I can! Don’t forget to look out for Maroon 5’s all new album, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, set to drop May 22nd later this year! that shit is going to be hard as all outdoors.

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