Looks at some of the peeps in the lead, oh snap, I see you Miami! Lol. This will be very interesting, you even get to chose five constants who you think should be on at the new I Love New York Website! Here’s a little bit of information on how it actually works as well as a video of one of the running to become a finalist!

Here’s the deal. I Love New York is coming back for a second season and, for the first time ever, five men will be selected via a web vote. This means that anyone can enter (see how here) and anyone can vote (see how here).

Why are we so excited about this new website? For one, we have to do less work. But that’s not the only reason.

We are pumped because the fans of the show and of New York have truly been amazing and have built such an awesome community. We couldn’t be more thrilled than to return the favor by putting some of the casting decisions in YOUR hands! We know you will not let us down (at least you better not, or we are never doing this again!!!). Honestly, we hope this will be a fun site for you to not only compete and vote for the 5 spots in the new season, but also a place for you to stay up to date on everything NEW YORK!

The competition will have 3 rounds, so we can really get to know the competitors. Each round we will ask you to submit a new video. So how do you move onto the next round? Simple, the contestants with the most votes move on – so we suggest you join the website early and vote often!

This blog is the spot where we (the casting producers) will get to be in direct contact with you and for you to be in direct contact with us! We will be able to give you important info about the contest and share some of our crazy stories throughout this process. Until season 2 gets under way, we hope you come here for online contest updates and info on how else you can try out for the show. During the next month, while we are casting online, we will also be traveling across the country doing in-person open calls (We will be in New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville). We will post all of the information you need for those right here. The good news is “Yes, you can do both!” Even if you are in the online casting competition, come on out to an open casting call – you never know what craziness will be going on! And if you have already gone to an open casting call, why not sign up online too?!?! Double your odds on making it onto the show.

So here goes nothing…we are on a quest to find the best guys for New York – not an easy job! But with your help, we know we can hook her up with some good men and hopefully help her find love.

Let’s do this!

» Possible I Love New York 2 Contestant…

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