Kelly Clarkson » “Never Again” » Download » (Full) » Like I said before, hardcore rock madness, I love this new Clarkson track! “Never Again” will be the first single from Kelly Clarkson’s new album, My December, due out later this year. The video for the single was shot on the 10th so it should be out pretty soon! But like I said– hits, hits, hits! I always say, “if it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it.” If this is what could be looked forward to, from the album, then the shit’s going to sell. So keep bringing that grungy-bleeding-hardcore realness, with a touch of your own personality, Kelly.

T.I. » “Do It (Big Shit Poppin’)” » Download » (Full) »
When I first heard this song I could automatically relate, I love songs that make statements and that I can relate too so well! “Do It (Big Shit Poppin’)” is from T.I.’s upcoming project, T.I. vs T.I.P, due out Summer; produced by Mr. Mannie Fresh. I think T.I. is a great inspiration and living proof of overcoming adversity and naysayers, this song right here bout to be my anthem of 2007, cause damn the haters! “Whatchu waitin’ for? Do it! Big shit poppin’ and lil’ shit stopin…”

Mario » “Crying Out For Me” » Download » (Full) »
OK, I know that Mario’s original single was actually going to be “How Do I Breathe” but I like “Crying Out For Me” better! Hehe, it’s a pretty good track than the other one and I’m hoping that he makes this a single or he’s crazy! Vocals and lyrics are on point, Polow did his thang too, I bump this record like mad crazy. As you also know Mario’s album has been pushed back numerous times but should drop sometime July of this year.

Fabolous feat Ne-Yo » “Make Me Better” » Download » (Full) »
Now I already posted this song before, check the related post, but I decided to post it again since it’s “hot topic” now, starting to get around, plus I like it. This single, “Make Me Better,” featuring Ne-Yo is from Fabolous’ album Nothing To Something set to drop sometime in May– make sure you get it– I heard a lot of tracks that I’m feeling so far but this one stands out to me, it’s nice to see an artist acknowledging their significant other than degrading people, it’s definitely a good look. I want to see more of this kind of music, it’s actually kind of refreshing to hear really.

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