myhumps_parody.jpgI don’t know if any of you guys saw the “My Humps Parody” by Alanis Morissette yet but it has been circulating blogs like crazy and getting tons of online hits on Youtube. The video is hilarious! It actually points out how silly that song, “My Humps,” by the Black Eyed Peas was… I must admit, I was really diggin this joint when it first came out too– it was just so damn catchy! SMH, anyway the video has become so popular that it has somehow made its way to FERGIE! Now, you’d suspect she would be pissed at the video or even offended but not at all!

According to, Fergie describes Morissette’s version of the song, “My Humps,” as absolutely “brilliant” – and even sent that girl some flowers as a good-natured gesture of appreciation for the hilarious parody featuring Morissette grinding, twirling, and mournfully singing about her “lady lumps”, the video has already reached a reported 2.5 million viewers since hitting the Net on April 1st, and has even inspired its own parodies.

Daaang. Well, let me make a video then! Lol.

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